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May 28, 2023, 04:36:47 pm

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Hey Consuelasaysno,
I'm assuming your teacher has only verbally told you and you haven't received the hardcopy back yet. If that is the case, maybe wait until you get that back and go through it with your teacher to have them clarify what could've been improved. After this, if you have any concerns or think you have been marked unfairly, see if another teacher is able to have a look over it (chances are though, it has already been checked over by other teachers in your school's science faculty).
Also keep in mind that moderation will still need to occur, so there is a chance that your grade will change once that happens.

While I am not qualified to say whether or not you have failed, I have made some notes on things that could've been improved:
Doesn’t seem to be very considered or refined - it seems to focus a lot on information that can be explained with only a few sentences. Would’ve been great to see you go into more depth about what enthalpy is and factors that impact it (this is the focus of your experiment after all).

You need a section that explains what the aim and findings of the original experiment were. What you have written out is a step by step explanation of the methodology of the original experiment - this is unnecessary. You have also put your modifications in the research question section which is confusing.

Research question:
Overall this seems fine, however it doesn’t connect to the rationale very well. To fix this, you would have needed to go more in depth into factors affecting enthalpy in your rationale. You never discussed the impact that the mass of a substance has on enthalpy. Due to this, your rationale would fail to tick of the “considered” criteria. Additionally, your research question would likely fail to tick the “relevant” criteria.

You could have stronger links between the data and your research question. Your analysis/conclusion should also be a large chunk of your report but yours is quite small.

With the data you have, you are unable to draw such an absolute conclusion. You need to discuss uncertainty in this section as well.

General Comment:
You may have lost marks in communication due to grammatical errors and because of the structure of your report (there are areas that could be improved). Furthermore, you have a diagram of your experimental setup, however it has no figure heading and you don’t refer to it at all throughout your report. Having images that are not referred to is a waste of space and is unnecessary.
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