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September 22, 2023, 12:32:16 am

Author Topic: Need help knowing what my atar will be  (Read 1568 times)  Share 

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Need help knowing what my atar will be
« on: July 16, 2021, 08:15:01 pm »
Guys Iíve been so worried about what will my atar be im using the atar calculator and my atar is 39 Iím so worried. Like HOW my atar is gonna be 39. What on earth is happening. Why is this even happening.

I know Iíll flop the exam getting 30 percent 40 percents

can soemone please tell me if Iím using the atar calculator wrong ? Like please someone tell me what my atar is near please.


English: 55
Lab skills: 60
Furthermaths: 54.5(flopped financial with a 40)
Physical education: 71

Help me with this atar bullshit I need to know where I might get near.

School rank: 496
Median study score average: 24

Maybe this will help


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Re: Need help knowing what my atar will be
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2021, 11:02:11 pm »
hi there soulxx  :)

if you required an actual definite score, im afraid i cant give you an estimation, i dont know how to do that stuff sadly

i do not have much experience with vce (i am in y11 this year), but my advice would be to focus less on the atar calculator, and more-so on your outlook towards study! for me, i experienced significant insecurity and uncertainty upon the realisation that i would be receiving an atar score that feels like it is the be all end all... but it isnt! i obsessively check atar calculators at times, and im not even in year 12! there is plenty of avenues here in australia that you can partake in even if you dont finish school, or dont meet your specific atar goals. we are so lucky. your atar is NOT something that defines you.

your atar =/= your individual worth!!!! i still am stuck in this labyrinth right now, where i get into the pattern of thinking there is no hope and attributing my self-worth to my grades but

if your goal truly is to obtain a higher atar, the only way to achieve that is by prioritising your study time or changing your study habits... i have a friend who obtained dux position at my school in 2020, and its extremely evident that throughout his school life, he chose subjects that he had deep passion for, and consistently worked hard to bring a comprehensive understanding of his work, and not even by overkill either. hard work = higher atar

although, you dont have to achieve the highest marks for your cohort to have good study skills.
the way i improved my grades across the weeks has been by....
1. looking at more resources, utilising them(atarnotes has tons of free ones, edrolo, other free resources e.g. youtube, khan)
2. creating at least 1hr to study a night, and putting away my phone during this time, and maybe even my computer if possible. devices reek of trouble for focus imo
3. asking a lot of questions, and if i dont understand something, truly studying it e.g. watching edrolo or yt on it, or doing practice questions to really tease out the misunderstanding. also ask your friends! make it a light topic of discussion, become involved.
there is a girl im friends with that has been diagnosed with adhd for years, i really admire her study habits this year. she also uses the same techniques (even better than i do)and focuses on a lot of hands on learning. she also focuses on a lot of notetaking, along with flashcards, and makes them super pretty! and although i do not have adhd myself, i can see how itd really make studying a hassle! but it isnt impossible! even though we are all different individuals, there is still hope for all of us, esp in vce

for example, exams havent come yet! theres still a few months! dont tell yourself you'll get 30-40% when theres still time! time is money if u use it right

i hope this may have helped, although it is seemingly cliche advice to some
all the best,
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Re: Need help knowing what my atar will be
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2021, 11:30:40 am »

I'm going to reiterate what jmas has mentioned and that your predicted scores can always change, even if you may be the lowest-ranked student; the only way is up. Definitely, if you are seeing consistently low scores within your SACs, something needs to change. Whether that be implementing a study routine, new study techniques or even asking your teachers for assistance. It all comes down to reflect what is not working well and how to fix that. And hey, you still got this term & the exams to redeem yourself.

I understand if you aren't looking for advice but rather reassurance of your ATAR (but please for the love of God, do not rely on ATAR calculators & base those scores on your self worth; a 4 digit number is never going to be able to calculate how amazing of a person you truly are & the capabilities, talents & qualities you have).

English: 28
Biology: 27
Lab Skills: 27
Further: 28
PE: 35

In total, this gives you an ATAR of around 63.20. Hopefully, this gives you some reassurance (but this is not entirely accurate as so many factors play in part with your ATAR).

If you ever need to reach out to anyone, I'm always a PM away or don't hesitate to talk to the wellbeing team at your school. Your mental health is way more important than the ATAR
2019: 1/2 Psych

2020: English, Bio, Chem, Psych, HHD, Methods

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Re: Need help knowing what my atar will be
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2021, 12:37:15 pm »
To add to the above, it might be worth having a look at the early entry programs that universities offer.

It takes a lot of the stress off knowing that you don't have to get a certain ATAR to get into the course you want to get into.

I'm not sure if it was you, but I think in the past you have mentioned you wanted to go to Swinburne? Have a look into Swinburne's early entry program here. You don't need to have a particular ATAR to enter the courses listed for the early entry program there.

Also, it might be helpful to speak with your school's careers counsellor about applying for SEAS (special consideration) when you make your VTAC application. SEAS aims to level out the playing field by taking into consideration circumstances that have made it hard for you to do your best at study. SEAS can increase your selection rank (ATAR + extra points for special consideration) accordingly, so you may be able to get into a course with a lower ATAR than what is published on VTAC.

All the best :)
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