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June 25, 2024, 05:35:40 am

Author Topic: Laik's VCE Journey  (Read 618 times)

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Laik's VCE Journey
« on: September 26, 2021, 10:43:16 pm »
Hey everyone,
Thought Iíd start a journal. Iím in Year 12. This is extremely late, I know. Thereís literally 5 or so weeks between now and exams. But Iíd like to have documented such thoughts somewhere and if someone one day, can gain something from it, then might as well. Why not? Even if it is going to be short compared to other VCE journals.
SoÖ Iím aiming for a 98.5+ ATAR.  Ridiculous, especially when you consider my subject averages which are definitely not at that standard.
This year Iím doing English, French, HHD, Chemistry and Methods. What would I like to be when Iím older? Honestly not sure at this stage. Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer and recently looked at vet, but i donít think Iíll go for that. Itís hard when you donít really know what you want to be, and considering I like science and humanities, I donít know. At the same time, I donít want my ATAR Ďto go to wasteí (if I do end up getting a high ATAR), so weíll see how it goes. Maybe Physio or radiology?
Anyway, excited for this journey. Hoping it all turns out ok.
Something I just heard today, for any fellow Year 12's or anyone in a similar position: we only live this life for a short amount of time. Rather than trying to endure it (i.e VCE or whatever you're going thru), try and enjoy the journey. Hope it helps.
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