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June 25, 2024, 07:00:53 am

Author Topic: Sreeni's VCE journal!  (Read 3147 times)

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Sreeni's VCE journal!
« on: November 10, 2021, 09:36:09 pm »
November 2020

This is gonna be a sort of blurt sorry. Imma just gonna make this short. gotta eat dinner lol. So far i think ive done relatively well in biology. Although, my unit 3 sacs could have been better. but i need to be more confident in my achievements from now on. i think low confidence is really dragging my scores. Im aiming for a 99+ atar for med and starting to practice for UCAT. as well as starting to work for salvation army. i think this diary will increase accountability. For english my scores are mediocre i think i miss the point of the task and in turn lose petty marks which accumulate to getting around 70%. I feel like i have all these expectations around myself which ive been tackling since year 7. Im getting better at handling all this pressure. What ive learnt in bio is to start early and work ahead definitely and focus to emphasise on HOW your write your answers. examiners are petty especially with "easy subjects" like bio to word your answers in a certain way cos they need to differentiate the students who did a lot of work from those who didnt. ill emphasise this more. for english, my process to improve will be writing an essay, submitting to the teacher, seeing feedback. rewriting the essay so ill see the flaws. im praying to god there wont be a lockdown. itll just exacerbate my loneliness. i think my only problem is not content. its just slowing down in tests so i don tmake silly mistakes. next year my subjects are spec, meth, chem, psych, eng main. for specialist my weaknesses are not being able to think outside my box. I need to do very different practise questions from checkpoints for each topic. Ill outwork everyone and this year ill adopt a positive mindset.
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Re: Sreeni's VCE journal
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2021, 01:33:35 pm »
Welcome to AN and the VCE journey journals!

Ill outwork everyone and this year ill adopt a positive mindset.
Remember to work smart, rather than hard. And remember to still take breaks every so often! Overworking yourself ends up being counterproductive and you wind up burnt out too soon. (Iíve been there, done that!)
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Re: Sreeni's VCE journal
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2022, 12:24:07 am »
March 2022

Hi guys,

(another blurt)
Lmao haven't updated this in 30 days or so. Right now I'm listening to Luna Turca (just found this song today)

i think so far im doing much better than year 11. bio has helped me so muchhhhhh. especially with short answers

here are my scores along with cohort average:
Spec: 82% (average 68%)
English: 21/30 (average 15/30)
Psychology: 23/25 (average sort of 20.5/25 or so cant remember)
Overall I think I'm starting to have a good momentum. My biggest flaw from year 7 was that whenever i get good scores, i tend to relax and drop the ball a bit. This year i refuse to do that.

Ucat is a bit annoying tho. I keep treating it as an afterthought, im starting to do it in the morning though, instead of the evening and reserving that time for actual vce studies.

Although i didnt do as expectedly well in english, i think i still did reasonably well. our teachers said they wanted to be harsh in order for our sac to scale up always and never scale down. I think its a bit demoralising for students, but nevertheless the teachers know best.

i think for the chem sac, this term, i made a few errors which sets me back 5 percent or so but im hoping for a decent score.
For the psych sac i made a major blunder which possibly costed about 3 marks.
I think the main culprit of the psych mistakes is that i wasn't spending time to prioritise small details, i was simply too egotistical to pay attention to these details.

for methods however, our sac next term is split inot two parts. I think ill be fine, im ahead in class.

Although, im still progressing my mentality with year 12. At the start of the year i persistently compared myself with others, but im developing mindfulness and choosing to be my own supporter and not seek validation from others. Im done beating myself up about everything. It's ironic that i used to think being hypercritical and farcically scathing to myself would assuage my ego and hence make me get higher results. But I've realised if that were the case, all these years id be getting rank one. But i havent right. So observing all these top students and their response to failure, ive realised how i should actually approach academics and life in general.

They treat failure as a segue for improvement, not as ammunition to scorn themselves.

Ever since i started adopted this mindset, school has been so much better

And another thing,

Top students recognise life is tough, and that's ok. Its tragic, heartbreaking, everything. But they never let it rip apart their pride.

I wish i found this out year ago, but thats alright, im lucky i found this out now. Some people live their entire lives without realising that beating yourself up with the excuse that it will make them a better person isnt the right away to live.

Lmao and that will smith thing was funny as whyd he even smack chris rock.

Formal will be exciting, cant wait to wear a suit for the first time. kind regards, Sreeni

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Re: Sreeni's VCE journal!
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2022, 04:09:23 pm »
May 2022

2 months to go till the ucat. i feel like i am improving, but i feel like i need to do mroe to get over the line. I am becoming more accountable though so i am being more productive. But i can slack off sometimes. But these are my grades so far from the previous

English apa: 32/40 (pretty noice got top 15 in cohort with 250 students)
psych: 22/25 (kinda dropped it bit in psych) but average was like 17
Chem: 53% lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. my exam skills need working bruh. my calculations and everything.

for ucat Im getting in the 700s for dr ar and qr just not verbal reasoning. its kicking me so much lmao
I think I'm becoming more and more comfortable with failure. im using it to my success. Im going to ramp it up even more in term 2. I'm also trying to wake up at 6am from now on. Ive really adopted a positive mindset these days and it has really helped me.

for methods im doing practice sacs and checkpoints. hopefully they'll help me a lot
for chemistry: im doing sacs and checkpoints and going over my progress test too which is the same as methods tbh

all in all i think ive improved a lot. noice noice noice


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Re: Sreeni's VCE journal!
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2022, 10:10:05 pm »
im thinking of doing commerce, after doing the ucat, im think i should change courses lmaoo.
here are my scores so far:
spec: 55.5/60 average was like 80 percent tho
english: 24/30 i think im proud of this one it was top 23 out of 230 something students
methods: 43/50 rip i thought i would do better. but i feel like this allows me to brush up on everything, i can do so much better like, decimal place stuff, showing enough working out for show questions
psych: 46/50 i think im ok with this one too and the average was like 36/50
chem: rippppppp. 69% not even joking nice. idk what happened. i want to meet with my teacher from now on. i really want to get my answers perfect for everything. my extended response questions and small deatils are so lacking

how im feeling:

i feel like after the ucat i feel so burnt out, i feel like my life has come to a halt. i just use these logs to express what im feeling. i didnt even do well on the ucat. commerce seems so interesting. i think ill go with that. im not going to give up. i need to dig deep. 2 months to go for the exam.
for specialist: i need to proof read more, intensely.
for methods: like i said dp showing enough working out. need to work on that
for english: i need to make my evidence more precise, efficient, cut down on it. thats how i get to the higher ranks.