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June 03, 2023, 02:47:36 pm

Author Topic: Research experience for Ivy League/Oxbridge Uni's  (Read 1218 times)  Share 

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Research experience for Ivy League/Oxbridge Uni's
« on: March 20, 2022, 11:56:26 am »
Hey there!
I'm currently in Year 12 studying VCE. I hope to one day be admitted into the top Ivy League / Oxbridge institutions majoring in Physics for postgrad, as I'd like to be a professor(I know extremely unlikely, but it never hurts to try) and I've heard that the prestige of your University matters quite a bit. I know that an exceptional GPA/WAM is required to even be considered for these Uni's, but so is research experience. I was wondering what's the best way to be exposed to research, that would increase my chances of getting admitted? I'm aware of a couple courses/programs/opportunities, but I really need clarification for a couple of things.

I'm aware of the PhB program at ANU, but it's unlikely that I'll meet the ATAR cutoff (English is going to drag my score down). Even if I do, I have next to zero extra circular activities - would this hinder my chances to get into the program?
I also don't know anything about the student life in Canberra so I'm a bit hesitant to move interstate, but still haven't dismissed the thought of studying at ANU.

Realistically the BSc at UniMelb is what I'll end up completing (Was considering Monash, but Melbourne closer). However Melbourne doesn't offer Honours in Physics, so I would need to do a Masters or Honours at a different Uni. Is it enough for me to only have the Masters research component as research experience for entry into the Ivy's or would I also need some extra research experience in undergrad?

I know Melbourne, Monash and ANU all offer Summer/Winter research opportunities for second/third year students. Am I allowed to complete more than one of these research projects? e.g. Do Melbourne and Monash research projects?

Are there research opportunities other than the one's offered over Summer/Winter break?

Finally, is is a good idea to do UniMelb BSc + research project in the second year + BSc Hons at a different Uni + MSc, or would that be way too much.

Thank you for your time :)