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April 25, 2024, 03:01:15 pm

Author Topic: Should I drop physics?  (Read 1813 times)  Share 

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Should I drop physics?
« on: April 07, 2022, 08:31:09 pm »
I'm about halfway through year 12 and I've currently been doing 13 units. Recently, I've been considering dropping physics.

In terms of raw mark, physics has been my worst subject- I received a 76% and an 80% in the past 2 assessment tasks. (Whereas in every other subject I've been consistently performing in the high 80s - high 90s range). I don't dislike physics and I don't like it either, and if I were to drop a subject it would likely be this.

However, the problem arises with visual arts. Although all my marks in art so far have been in the high 90s, the average in the subject is also high (high 80s); higher compared to physics (mid 60s). I'm worried that this means I will likely be scaled down in the HSC. Our school has performed notoriously poorly in it. Although my physics marks have been lower, from grade averages and past results I estimate I'm ranked roughly in the top 20% in both art and physics. Our school also performs decently at physics in the HSC, so the low average is likely from hard exams. I've been told multiple times by peers to drop art as my rank in physics matters more than my mark.

I would really like to drop a subject, but I think I can still manage with 13 units. Physics is also not assumed knowledge for the course I would like to do (medicine). I'm also slightly more confident with my skill in visual arts compared to physics.

So my question is: should I drop physics or keep doing 13 units? Or should I listen to my peers and drop art?