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March 02, 2024, 08:04:05 am

Author Topic: Need to learn 2 subjects from scratch (ONLY 75%) need some tips.  (Read 1076 times)  Share 

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This is written exam, I don't need to worry about anything practical like labs

There's no option to not give exam now and give it later

Subjects details-:


1) I am asking productively because I am a notoriously slow learner. Not in the sense I grasp slowly but in the sense, I spend too much time around internet when learning.

2) I am learning all these through textbooks. There are no videos that I can understand. There might be udemy courses but I am not able to figure which course would be suitable for my theoritical course. And I am bit slower in learning via text. Although I have improved exponentially at it through 1.5+ years of deliberate practice.

3) Almost 70% of my time to learn every topic is spend in various nonsensical useless factors. eg-: (shared pastebin as it will make the post longer).


4) 80% of our uni's questions are repeated from last 5 years*2 exam/year=10 past papers.

5) I haven't studied anything before about them.

6) I haven't bought any notes for these subjects as most of them're badly written thus useless.

7) We don't have official local author textbooks for these subjects. But I've bought a solution manual of one subject(it's numerical/math based). There is no such book for big data.

8) I am studying all day at home.

9) I don't plan to finish 100% of the course. My plan is to study for 75% of the course only. i.e 60 marks out of 80 marks. (reason below ) https://pastebin.com/uu9e0jDs

How doable is this? Have you ever done sth like this? Please share your experience. I want to do this. Some problem solving and problem solving will be appreciated.