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May 19, 2024, 09:52:35 am

Author Topic: * ༊*˚ VCE Journey - Class of 24 !  (Read 2637 times)

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* ༊*˚ VCE Journey - Class of 24 !
« on: July 11, 2022, 10:11:46 pm »
Heyyy y'all!
So this is my VCE journal! This "blog" (?? - idk what to call it) will be my journey over the next 2 & 1/2 years of high school & VCE #slay!

A little bit about me...
I'm from Victoria but I was born in Canada #OCanada, I'm an Aries and an ENFJ - cause it's always important  8)

I am currently in year 10 but am studying 1 + 2 psych! There are many things that I would like to do in my life, so it's really hard trying to balance all the things I'm interested in (especially for a career :P) But, I'm particularly interested in the film industry I am a big theatre nerd too :o. I love learning languages and am currently only studying French, but I plan to become a B3/C1 fluent in at least 5 languages (what a f***ing nerd). My favourite movie is Titanic, but Beautiful Boy comes in a close second. The best musical of all time is Legally Blonde - don't debate me on that. And my favourite TV show is Killing Eve or Jane The Virgin, both amazing shows. I love philosophy, and will always enjoy and entertain a deep conversation.

I'm not currently set on a career but some "career paths" I'm interested in is Midwifery/Obstetrics, Acting, International Law/Politics (e.g. A diplomat), or Linguistics. Feel free to drop some career ideas that I maybe haven't heard of  8)

I live for quotes and I will usually add a quote or two throughout anything I possibly can! My favourite quote: "Maybe we're a blink, but a blink in something more, we're still part of what comes after and everything that came before. In truth we are infinite. Riding on the wave of time, just because this form will end, doesn't mean we've found the finish line."

Jesus, that was a long introduction about me, sorry omg. But now you know I will rant :P

Anyways; the first thing I would like to add is a page of advice that I have (and will have) throughout VCE - it should be down below

(I didn't want to add my advice on here because it's going to be too many words and pages by that point LMFAO)

BLEUGH we're looking at choosing subjects for VCE right now and it's absolutely exhausting bro. It's crazy insane that these next few subjects that I choose will be the ones that send me down a particular career path - at the ripe age of 16. You'd think they'd give you more time to decide what career you'd like to do for the rest of your life, but nooOOo we have to decide now.  ::) Anyways - we've been looking at different subjects and these are the subjects I'm vibing with rn:
- English* (not vibing with it but I have to do it)
- General maths (it's somewhat of a vibe but it's not really optional is it)
- French (100% vibing, I love french)
- Psych 3&4 (100% vibing with this, it'll be good to have a 3&4 subject out of the way)
- Biology (Half vibing - I enjoy science and Biology will be a good subject to keep the science door open for uni)
- ??? I have another subject to fill because I'm going to do EI in year 12, so I have a throwaway. Am thinking Outdoor Ed or Theatre Studies, but am mostly vibing with OE because I get to go on camps and it'll get my out of school more often so I won't have a shit ton of work and stuff to do hopefully.
*Am still deciding between each stream of English but am leaning heavily towards English Language atm. English is one of my strongest subjects, BUT I absolutely despise doing English - I think English Language will be really interesting, maybe EL will become one of my favourites  :o
Edit: I have decided to do Outdoor Ed, it's going to be lots of fun, I can't wait!
Then I'll have some backups to choose, am thinking Legals or Modern History cause I don't really have any hums in my subjects

Ayyyyy slay! Subject selections open up this Friday so that will be fun! #decidingmyentirefuturecareereventhoughmybrainhasn'tevenfullydevelopedyet 🤘 I've got a meeting with my pathways leader on Thursday so we'll see if that changes anything but I'm honestly feeling pretty good about my subjects. The subjects I listed just above are going to be all the subjects I put down (most likely). Would've loved to do Global Politics or Philosophy but it would've been too hard to go to another school or do VSV, I just want to keep my VCE years easy (& at least with EI I could study something within those fields anyway so it's not too much of a loss). Wish me luck for my meeting!

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you're literally doing your best and if no one is proud of you, be proud of yourself xx
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Re: * ༊*˚ VCE Journey - Class of 24 !
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2022, 10:48:08 am »
Ohhh that's fun! I'm from the class of '24 as well, I understand the pressure of choosing your subjects this early on! I'm a Leo myself and I honestly forgot which one of the 16 personalities I am.

Remember that in Year 11 you can switch out of subjects if you don't end up liking them! (as long as you do it early ofc)

Good luck for the meeting (and I look forward to hearing more)!
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