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July 16, 2024, 09:30:19 pm

Author Topic: Folio advice  (Read 4659 times)  Share 

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Folio advice
« on: November 22, 2014, 07:27:04 pm »
I'm in year ten this year but doing media and studio arts as 1/2 subjects next year. I will be doing photography for studio. I'm also doing literature, history 3/4 psychology and English. I'm doing lots and time consuming subjects and I was just wondering if anyone has advice for keeping up with folio work next year? I'm doing photography as a school subject this year and my teacher says that my folio is up to vce standard (I also won an award for best art piece out of all year seven to twelve students for one of my photos at this exhibiton for all our local schools), but is the work very hard in vce for these subjects? Also, is it achievable to get a very high study score in these subjects? Like high 40's? I don't nessecarily need a high atar for what I want to get into for uni (preferably a screenwriting or film course) as many courses are interview admission, however I would like to try and do my best
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