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June 18, 2024, 03:26:15 am

Author Topic: **Last-Hurrah UMAT Training Weekend**  (Read 4250 times)  Share 

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**Last-Hurrah UMAT Training Weekend**
« on: August 26, 2018, 05:03:50 pm »
Hey guys!

Most of you wouldn't have ever heard from me; I was a 2012 graduate with a 100%ile UMAT score. I created a UMAT book that turned other UMAT prep courses on its head, which was the first ever UMAT textbook and broke questions down into step-by-step methods (much like studying Year 12). I purposefully kept it un-commercialised as the only reason I'd actually started it was my school requested me to return to give a preparatory lecture, and my vision was to create a grassroots, cost-effective UMAT business. (http://www.umat-ease.com)

It grew and we gained tutors and authors, and together wrote a second book and 2 practise exams. We've sold hundreds of books and I've tutored and lectured (only by request) many students who were thrilled by their successes.

On a bittersweet note, after 6 years of running this business, I will be graduating medicine and wanted to have a last-hurrah to celebrate the business and what it's stood for. I decided to organise my final group of students completing the UMAT in 2019. There will be limited spots available - and this will only be subject to demand - so please let me know if it's something you're interested in!

Time: Weekend in September - 4hrs on Saturday and Sunday (8hrs altogether)
Material: The UMAT Manual + The UMAT Files + 2x hard-copy practise exams (worth $70)
Topics covered: Introduction to UMAT, how to frame preparation and how to tackle common questions
Maximum student number: 10
Cost: $110 ($70 for books, $40 for 8hrs) if book for 1, $100 if book for 2+

Shoot me a DM/comment below if you're keen :)

Good luck with your studies!
UMAT 100%ile