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October 02, 2023, 12:03:00 pm

Author Topic: Welcome to the Victorian Technical Score Discussion Board!  (Read 11900 times)  Share 

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Welcome to the Victorian Technical Score Discussion Board!
« on: January 24, 2018, 05:16:38 pm »
The technical side of VCE can be difficult to comprehend, with SAC rankings, Graded Assessments and Study Scores floating around, all contributing to your final ATAR. In an effort to keep resources up to date and have a clean environment, I have created this thread, so anyone stopping by can find what they are looking for with relatively little hassle.

Study Score Predictions:
The dubious art of predicting study scores is something that is regularly required on this board, so if you have any requests, please post them on this thread.

Study Score Prediction Question Thread

If you are having difficulty understanding any of the technical aspects of VCE, these are some guides available to assist you.

VCE Behind the Scenes: Moderation, Rankings, Scaling, Aggregates - Joseph41
{SAC RANKINGS} -All you need to know about it- - Orb
Rankings - the secret behind them all - pi
How to Predict your own Study Score - A Guide - paulsterio
Guide to how Study Scores and ATARs are calculated! - paulsterio

Any contributions would be much appreciated, so feel free to post a guide on this board and PM a moderator so we can link it here.

Other Questions:
If you are having any other difficulties, donít hesitate to create a topic on this board.
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