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September 29, 2023, 10:53:13 am

Author Topic: Are people actually scared of the coronavirus? Or just the Chinese people?  (Read 3455 times)  Share 

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I am a Chinese-Australian and after been in the middle of all these messes, I started to wonder if people actually didn’t give a dam about the coronavirus at all.

As of the time when this post is written, currently, there are:
36829 confirmed cases in Hubei province in China, which was in lockdown since 23Jan2020, no-one is able to get in or out of the province as all roads are either blocked or destroyed. Hence had no threat to the international community.

3030 confirmed cases in China but outside the Hubei province, which could potentially get access to transportation such as flights if and only if they could somehow not show any symptoms when they are on street, bypass all health checks at different checkpoints in China, spend 10 times the normal price for purchasing a flight ticket, then somehow fool the airport staff thinking that he/she had no symptoms. Although extremely unlikely, but the possibility is not zero, so for this reason I understand why there is a travel ban on people from China.

According to the AHPPC report, despite China (without Hubei) having around 10 if not less new cases per day for weeks, more than 3000 people recovered in China (including Hubei) per day, they are still convinced that there are no significant decreases in infection rate in China (without Hubei), AHPPC consider this still a unpredictable circumstance and travel ban should continue to be imposed to people arriving from China.
Up to this point… I was like OK, let’s say… AHPPC is very responsible and we as Australian should be very happy about their response, but then there is the twist:

South Korea currently having 2337 confirmed cases, with an increase of hundreds of people per day.
Italy currently having 653 confirmed cases, with an increase of around a hundred per day.
Not to mention the rest of the world…
In terms of population that could potentially spread the virus, there are more confirmed cases outside China than inside China (without Hubei).
But the Australian government believes this is totally fine, no travel ban is needed for any other country.
How could this make any sense?
I consulted a clinic owner (a Jew), a very experienced health professional, to see if it made any sense to her, her reply was: “The travel ban on individual country made no sense, to begin with, you should either close the border or you don’t.”
Not to mention the Australian economy largely depend on China in many areas, hurting the economy and relationship while having no actual effect on stopping the spread… WHY????

While been in like 20 different chat groups because my family member is still stranded in China due to the travel ban, I found out Australian government have been secretly cancelling Visas of Chinese passport holders as long as they are offshore, they will cancel their visa without any notice. I personally witnessed over a hundred couples having their visas cancelled and denied entry despite having a marriage certificate. It was like a smash in the face when we found out “immediate family members of Australians are allowed entry” was a lie. I don’t see the Australian media reporting this and I don’t see Australia doing this to people holding a non-Chinese passport.

I could go on… but I give up…

I still remember this incident: A pregnant Australian woman expecting to give birth in 2 months, only to find out her husband, a Chinese passport-holder to be denied entry when coming to Australia, having his visa cancelled and told not allowed to come back to Australia for 3 years. What are the Australians really gaining from doing this?

What I don’t understand is, are people actually scared of the coronavirus? Or just the Chinese people?

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