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July 26, 2024, 02:38:13 am

Author Topic: Non major offer rounds  (Read 3737 times)

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Non major offer rounds
« on: January 23, 2021, 03:42:11 pm »
I was just curious, how many offers are actually given out in the later offer rounds? E.g, 2nd of February offer round?

I already have a place and conditionally accepted and I just now changed my top preference (I know Iím late) and it still has spots. Iím gonna miss the next offer round but Iíll be eligible for an offer for the one after, my selection rank is well above the minimum threshold.

I called hiQ (QUT) and asked if there are still spots left before I spend money on another application change and they said that it should work out given my competitive selection rank but they canít guarantee anything in case the rest of the offers are given out next offer round and the course fills up. Apparently like half of the courses are already closed and I was curious, how does qtac decide how many actual offers they want to give out? Because some courses literally closed after the very first offer round (23rd December), and a lot more did on the major offer round, but lots of courses are still open.

How many offers are given out in the February offer rounds? Is it just giving up the last couple spots to fill up classes? Has anyone actually received an offer this late?

If not, thatís ok. Iíll continue my regular degree and transfer later.

Ps: donít judge me for changing my mind so late into January. I spoke with a relative who works in my desired department at a different university and she gave me a lot of insight into all the degrees and it really made me want to change.

Anything helps!