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June 15, 2024, 09:51:46 pm

Author Topic: VCE Methods Question Thread!  (Read 4890690 times)  Share 

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Re: VCE Methods Question Thread!
« Reply #19365 on: July 19, 2022, 04:39:39 pm »
Hi All,

Can someone please help me with q29 part a?

I'm kinda confused as to what to put on the tree diagram bc 1/3 and 5/9 doesn't add up to 1.

Much appreciated,
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Hmm I think the question is poorly written. The the particularly bad part is that the probabilities add to something less than 1 so the events being mutually exclusive/inclusive won't help us.
Really what I'd do here is just have a third branch saying "Other", since the question states "all outcomes" and clearly there needs to be another outcome(s).
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