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April 13, 2024, 06:32:50 pm

Author Topic: Guidelines For Writing A Persuasive Essay (Year 8)  (Read 5159 times)  Share 

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Guidelines For Writing A Persuasive Essay (Year 8)
« on: September 19, 2013, 05:24:27 pm »
These are a few guidelines that I found particularly helpful whilst preparing for the selective entrance exam for year 9 intake:  :)


1. Do not abbreviate or contract your verbs. You may not use "She'll","they're","It's" etc.

2. Always write in the third person. That means the pronouns "I","we" and "you" may not be used.

3. Do not use any slang words such as "cool" or "sick" used in the incorrect sense. Do not use "etc". Do not use symbols such as etc or /.


1. Introduce the subject of the essay.

2. Give any background information on the subject of the essay.

3. Provide any definitions of words or terms used in the set question.

4. Give a clear statement of your point of view.

5. For the entrance exam outline the two supporting arguments in the order that you will write them.

Note that it is possible to vary the order in which you use the points.
Always tick off each point as you use it.

If you follow these points you will have prepared a draft for your essay. Never write a persuasive essay without first knowing your point of view, why you hold it and and completing each of the points.

Always use the PERIODIC SENTENCE for all forms of writing. That is, the most important information is placed IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the full stop.

Hope this helps!