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September 27, 2023, 02:17:30 pm

Author Topic: What to do if you don't get an offer?  (Read 6294 times)  Share 

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What to do if you don't get an offer?
« on: December 15, 2017, 11:18:32 am »
Congratulations to those that received offers (or those who will receive an offer in the desired university and course of their dreams! To those who did not get their desired ATAR.. say maybe they wanted 90, but only got 80... or wanted 94 but only got 89, do not fret =).

There isn’t only one entry into university, but many pathways. You don’t have to get that ATAR to study your dream goal!

There are a few things that you do if you didn’t into get your desired Uni course.
1)   Transfer Internally - On the condition that you enter the same university under a lower ATAR course, you can then transfer courses after a semester or two (if you get a Credit and above for your WAM or GPA). The higher your scores are, the more likely that you’ll get in.

UNSW– Commerce/Actuarial – 97.3 ATAR
UNSW – Commerce – 96 ATAR
UNSW – Economics -  93 ATAR
Thus, if Jimmy wanted to get into UNSW commerce/Actuarial… they can enter economics and then transfer internally.

USYD – Law/Arts - 99.5 ATAR
USYD – Commerce/Arts – 95 ATAR.
Thus if Jimmy wanted to get into USYD combined Law/Arts he could enter Commerce/Arts, study for 1 year and then transfer internally.

2)   Transfer externally – Transfer externally via UAC. UAC will rank the applicants for a university by their ATAR OR university marks (depending on which one is higher). Thus, the better the mark, the more competitive you will be and the higher chance that you’ll get in.
**When given the chance option 1) is usually better than 2 as you can get subjects credited and it’s less competitive**.

3)   TAFE – Universities usually require a Certificate 4 or Diploma. It takes 6 months to 2 years.  As with transfers, the better the grades, the higher chances that you have of getting into your course.

4)   Diplomas – Diplomas are for students who did not meet the ATAR needed but still want to get into the university. You enter university as a 2nd year student. They are fairly costly. 
UTS Insearch Diploma - $30,000
UOW Diplomas - $21,360 - $24,030
MQ diploma - $10,596

5)   Foundation Programs – While different universities have different names for these programs (E.g. Insearch for UTS, UNSW Foundation for UNSW), they still do the same thing. You pay a large amount of money (> 10K) and you’ll do some foundation courses. If you don’t fail or anything, you get into the course that you desire.

** In regard to all of these options… there is one exceptions and considerations.
> One of those would-be medicine which requires you to do the UMAT, LSAT (UNSW only for now) or the GAMSAT. For Medicine, they will take the results of your UMAT (or GAMSAT) into consideration (and your interview).

> Those people who wish to enter things like engineering, medicine and law need extremely competitive marks (Distinctions and HD)

For the VIC version, click here >> https://atarnotes.com/forum/index.php?topic=169619.msg928158#msg928158
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