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June 20, 2024, 12:15:58 am

Author Topic: Is it possible to focus on Chinese SL without being really Chinese at school?  (Read 3503 times)  Share 

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How is it possible if you're second gen Chinese to focus on Chinese SL
Evaluative end of year essay
Detailed study

then also
focus on Methods (not Spec, I know the Asian stereotype for the Maths)

then also
to balance the drama in the family over some study

then also
even focus on Eng Lang because it's not Chinese?

PROBLEM: studying and trying hard at Chinese SL if you're second gen feels really chinese
I swear all high scorers for Chinese SL from a kid they speak it fluently
Every year go back for Chinese New Year
Mom only speaks it
Watching TV shows from China which no one in China watches because they're all educational

Australian education for maths is so bad

How is it possible to Yr9/10
Dentist/surgeon/doctor expectations
Chinese school
Still have friends at school?

Melb High
Exam too
$2500 change to Yr9 Melb High fees

I know people such as Ryan Chan pulled it off
Asian Five + Chinese SL

If anyone is Chinese
You know what I mean

It's not the high achiever Chinese/Asian
It's the study robot Chinese/Asian

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hey i'm in a similar situation! i'm abc and i've only started to go to chinese school this year. i'm doing chinese unit 3/4 because i did it as an early start, i'm doing english language and methods unit 1/2 because i'm in year 11. although i speak chinese semi-fluently at home, it's definitely an advantage but it also has a few downsides. starting from a lower level of speaking proficiency, you may be able to pick up more formal linguistic skills easier which is what really matters in the exams.

i'm assuming you're in year 9/10 (sorry got confused in the post)? honestly start writing chinese essays early and it will pay off in the future. although it seems really hard, the formatting of essays is consistent and quite easy to remember, i think its more the fluidity of writing with grammar, syntax and vocabulary that challenge most of us. i personally know quite a few people who are fluent in chinese but did not score that well in terms of their study score because they didn't put the work in. examiners are likely going to be understanding in the oral component if you aren't fluent and are more lenient with marking.

if you don't speak chinese fluently, in my opinion DONT go to xjs. i know it is my own experience but the pressure that the teachers there put you through is tremendously higher than normal school. if you already go to xjs, my condolences. nah for real like it affects my mental health and lowkey put my already crushed self-esteem through the wringer, but it has given me motivation to do well and really really good resources.

sometimes family drama gets in the way of studying and i still struggle with that, i suggest blocking out as much of it as possible and just study. english language 1/2 so far for me has been quite breezy in comparison to chinese so if you are more fluent in english, you might find it alright i think. methods on the other hand i would not take advice from myself hahah. with the medicine/law expectation it kinda sucks but i guess we have to put up with it temporarily.

i dont go on atar notes often because sometimeess you find yourself comparing yourself to others unhealthily. i actively try to avoid this as it does affect your mental health but what really matters is how YOU do in vce. yes there are some really smart people here but remember that you are also able to achieve great things! keep your head up and carry on to do your best!

best of luck to you and i hope you can believe in yourself as much as people around you probably do :)


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There was actually someone who spoke no chinese at birth (not of chinese descent) yet scored a 50 raw in Chinese SL a few years back - thinking that you need to speak Chinese at home or study in China to be successful at Chinese SL is by nature a limiting belief (if you believe that, your actions will reflect that and you will by extension not make the right decisions to put yourself in the best position to excel in Chinese).

Put yourself in the best possible opportunity and adopt a healthy growth mindset to Chinese and you'll find that you can do very well. I know many (20+) people who were less blessed than me from a Chinese fundamentals perspective (I can speak fluent Chinese) yet did much better than me in VCE Chinese. Yes it is an advantage but every underdog story had to come from somewhere :)

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lol my friend is greek and is top of his class at chinese SL, he also does accerated math and mostly sciences. No Chinese at home, just very dedicated and smart. People who think u have to be a genius or that scores have anything to do with how u were born/ ur nature r just making excuses for the fact that they themselves don't try.
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