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September 30, 2023, 04:06:35 pm

Author Topic: 2019 EXAMINER REPORT ANALYSIS  (Read 4948 times)  Share 

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« on: July 03, 2020, 04:37:43 pm »
Hi friends,
The HHD forum is one of the least active forums in AN :'(
So I am hoping to change that! I completed HHD in 2018 (the first year of the new SD) and achieved a raw 46 I plan on uploading plenty of resources to be prepare y'all for the upcoming exam (while I am on break from uni).
A major misconception about HHD is that it is an 'easy' subject, although I will agree it was the easiest subject I did, an A+ on the 2019 final exam was ~69% (shockingly low!).
So what I would like to do is actually meticulously analyse the poorest scored questions in the 2019 exam and see where students went wrong or HHD markers just super strict?
Please note I won't be repeating anything the examiner report says, this is just my interpretation of the report. Let's begin.
Question 1a
Social justice and equity are prerequisites for health.
Describe social justice and equity (2 marks)

44% of the state scored 0 marks, 17% of the state scored full marks
This shows a significant inability to memorise the prerequisites of health it is not enough to say
"Social justice refers to the absence of discrimination"
"Equity relates to fairness"
You should memorise a comprehensive sentence for each
- prerequisite of health
- health status indicators
- dimensions of health and wellbeing
- contributions of Australia's burden of disease
This is a low-level question and shows a concern for student's ability to engage with the content
Question 1b
Select either social justice or equity and explain why it is a prerequisite for health at an
individual level and at a global level. (4 marks)

48% scored 0 marks, 3% scored 4 marks
This question required students to integrate all their knowledge of the prerequisites for health, to the importance of health (in an individual and global learning). This was a challenging question, as many students may have not expected such integration questions (BUT KNOW U KNOW SO START THINKING ABOUT IT NOW!!)
You have learnt about examples of the importance of health at an individual level and global level, but you needed specifically relate it to one of the prerequisites, all needed to be done is ensure your example related to a prerequisite.
Question 2a
Identify one principle of the social model of health and explain how it is reflected in the Bush
Classrooms project. (2 marks)

44% scored 0 marks
It is enough to just describe the principle you must apply it (I encourage to actually quote the scenario where they have applied the principle). This shows the examiner you have a strong understanding of the principles and how to apply them.
Question 5
Using the information provided and your understanding of the key features of Sustainable Development
Goal (SDG) 3, analyse how addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic can lead to an improvement in health and
wellbeing and the achievement of one other SDG. (10 marks)

Average mark: 2.1 marks
This was overwhelming one of the poorest extended response average mark obtained in across all VCE subjects.
It is important you do the following
- read and interpret the sources and show how the sources support your analysis
- address the question specifically (describe SDG3 relate it to HIV/AIDS, how it can promote health and wellbeing and how it can help achieve another SDG)
- Ensure your response is clear and coherent
My strategy for the 8-10 marker is
1. Use the reading time to analyse the sources (what do the sources mean and how can they help answer the question)
2. Plan your response, how are you gonna answer all parts of the questions (make sure you do it in a systematic way)
3. Make sure when you interpret the sources, of course, quote them but synthesis your own analysis, show off your knowledge and relate it back to the question
4. Write clearly and succinctly
Question 6a
Use two indicators of human development to explain the differences in HDI between Australia
and Papua New Guinea (2 marks)

50% scored 0 marks.
This question does not just want you to identify the indicators, you needed to make a comparative statement using your knowledge of high/middle income countries.
Question 6b
Outline two characteristics, other than HDI, that could be used to classify countries as either
high-income or middle-income countries (2 marks)

78% scored 0 marks
This questions required indication of social, environmental or economic characteristics that are not used for HDI calculation.
Also, you needed to how they are different between high-income and middle-income countries specifically.
Question 7b
Identify one example of the work of the WHO and outline how this example contributes to
good health and wellbeing. (2 marks)

61% scored 0 marks
This question requires students to recall a work (verb)of WHO and identify how it can specifically promote a dimension of health and wellbeing, I think the wording of this question was quite poor but whenever you see "contributes to health and wellbeing" you should always link it to a particular dimension.
Question 9bii
Explain how access to health professionals could contribute to the difference in health
status provided in part b.i. (2 marks)

This question requires students to link how access to health professionals could SPECIFICALLY contribute to the specific health status. It's not enough to say "with reduced access to more health professionals pregnant mothers are more likely to die, thereby resulting in an increase in maternal mortality." this is not sufficient. You need to include that health professionals provide; advice for mothers, access to required medicine/ treatment that pregnant mother would need, clean, sanitary and safe facilities with access with an expert to ensure for safe delivery.
Question 10b
Analyse how the PBS demonstrates sustainability and equity. (4 marks)

40% scored 0 marks, 10% scored 4 marks
Sustainability and equity are both explicitly on the SD again this was an issue on specificity, linking how the PBS demonstrates sustainability and equity, it is not enough to say that the safety net promotes equity,
- how does the safety net provide equity?
- you need to mention the threshold and how to governments ensure equity

I hope this was helpful and was a more detailed analysis of the examiner report and strategies you can use to ensure your responses score full marks!
Next week I am hoping to upload plenty of practice extended response questions for Unit 3 exam revision, so stay tuned!
Let's all join together and try to re-vamp the HHD forums
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« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2020, 02:42:11 pm »
Thanks for that!
Last year's exam was really shocking, my class came out saying WHAT IS THAT! Most people didn't even try question 5, I did but didn't know really how to go about it. I feel vindicated, though.
If I'd known about the forum last year it probably would've helped me.
HHD is not a subject to be taken lightly (as I did :/ ). A bunch of these questions, my class looked at and went 'this is nothing like what we studied'. I went, on some of them, 'this is nothing like the SD', because I'd structured my notes to it. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)
HHD is, in my opinion, one of the most useful of the VCE courses just for general knowledge of things in the wide world out there - most applicable. Things like Medicare - useful to know. SDGs - also useful, potentially... etc.
(However, the exam obviously worked for me better than others because it def. pulled up my marks :D )
I recommend people to do HHD but to put in work like I didn't. I knew the content but not the application, because I didn't really do much application of it.
I know this isn't really connected, but. I recommend.
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I hope I don't fail....
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