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July 15, 2024, 10:27:28 pm

Author Topic: QCE results masterpost!  (Read 4084 times)

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QCE results masterpost!
« on: December 18, 2020, 03:45:52 pm »
Viewing your results

You can see your ATAR at https://www.qtac.edu.au/atar/
You can see your subject scores and download your official statements at https://myqce.qcaa.qld.edu.au/

Results release is at 9 am but don't be too surprised if the email (if you've ticked the box for this) arrives slightly earlier that morning

ATAR reaction advice articles

Read this if you are happy with your ATAR
Read this if you are unhappy with your ATAR

ATAR calculation info

QTAC info

Explanations on the forums:
What is the ATAR?
How is the ATAR calculated?
How does scaling work?

University info

Making the most of uni
How uni works / faqs answered
Moving interstate for uni

There are many more posts like these in this collection of uni resources

Course entrance info

Your selection rank is your ATAR + any subject bonuses + EAS + any points from other certificates etc. If your ATAR is below the clearly-in remember that:
- clearly ins change depending on supply and demand for the course each year
- you might still have a competitive selection rank

DO have courses on your preference list you are confident you can get into
DO NOT put a course lower on your list due to not meeting the clearly in

Challenging your results

You can apply for reassessment if you believe your final exam was not marked accurately. You can also apply for verification of information procedures, which is about checking that schools provided the right information to QCAA. Verification of information procedures does not allow your IA grades to adjusted or remarked from what the school assigned you, it just checks that QCAA has the right information from your school.

If you would like to look at your exam you need to pay a $18.25 fee per subject and complete this form. If you would like your exam to be remarked then you need to complete the form in the "checking your results" tab in the QCAA portal and pay the fee. If your exam mark does change they will refund the fee. Your exam mark could be increased or decreased after applying for reassessment.

The deadlines for each of these is the 18th of January 2021

Any questions you have about your results / pathways / what to do now

This q&a will be checked frequently on Saturday for any questions people have; I'll do my best to answer questions, link relevant resources, and provide advice.

Sharing your results

If you'd like to share your results on the forums we've set up a place for that here

You could also talk to people over in the class of 2020 thread.

Final thoughts:

Your ATAR is not meaningless but it also does not have the power to lock you out of a career or of having a fulfilling life. There are always pathways. This year was always going to be hard and then you dealt with COVID on top of that. Be proud of what you have achieved and learnt.
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