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October 02, 2023, 05:04:29 am

Author Topic: Software Skills Thread - The SDD Skills Series  (Read 3328 times)  Share 

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Software Skills Thread - The SDD Skills Series
« on: June 01, 2021, 10:21:14 pm »

SDD Skills Series

"How should I write an algorithm in an exam?"
"How do you tell the difference between a selection and insertion sort?"
"Will I have to draw a data flow diagram from memory?"

Introducing the SDD Skills Series!

While you might cover the theory of HSC Software Design and Development in your classes, application of software skills to an exam environment is an all too often neglected part of the course.

This series aims to give you an insiderís view of how these skills will actually translate into an exam, tips on the common question types you'll encounter, and suggestions on how best to prepare for these questions! With trials approaching for many of you, this will be a 5 part series which will be released once a week, every week this month!

If youíre keen to brush up your exam skills, want some quick content revision, or procrastinating your major work, then feel free to jump in and have a read!

1.   SDD Skills - An Approach to Algorithms
2.   SDD Skills - Systems Modelling
3.   SDD Skills - Metalanguages
4.   SDD Skills - Searches and Sorts
5.   SDD Skills - HSC Exam Preparation

If you have any questions or topics which you're struggling with, you can ask in our Software Questions Thread or post below to request a topic to be explained in a future article!
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